THE LATE HECTOR THOMPSON (24/6/49 – 20/5/20) 22nd May 2020 A TRIBUTE

I am very sorry to learn from Derek Milham, CBC Director on behalf of the Australian National Boxing Federation, of the death of former Commonwealth Superlightweight Champion, HECTOR THOMPSON.

Hector had a 10 year distinguished and busy career from 1970 to 1980. In his first year alone he took part in 16 contests, winning 15. In 1971 he won the Australian Superlightweight Championship and 2 years later, the Australasian Lightweight Championship. He won our Championship the same year, defeating tough Ghanaian, JOE TETTEH on points. His first World Title opportunity came in in his next contest the same year when he was unlucky enough to come up against one of boxing’s all-time greats, ROBERTO DURAN, for the WBA Lightweight Title, losing by TKO.

Following 2 successful defences of his Commonwealth crown, Hector got a further World Title opportunity in 1975, but was again unlucky enough to come up against another boxing great, ANTONIO CERVANTES, for the WBA Superlightweight Title, losing the contest by retirement.

He went on to defend his Commonwealth Title a further 3 times before losing, regaining then losing again to 3 time rival, LAWRENCE AUSTIN. His Title career was not over by then as he won both the Australasian Superlightweight Title, a Title he never lost in the ring, and the Australian Welter Title in 1978. He held on to the latter Title until his penultimate contest in 1980, losing both that and his last contest.

Hector’s career of 87 contests, winning 73 some against ‘toughies’ like, TETTEH, PAT MCORMACK, JEFF MALCOLM and SAKARAIA VE, losing 12 and drawing 2 along with his Australian, Australasian and Commonwealth Title successes mark him out as one of Australia’s best ever.

May he rest in peace.


Hon Secretary

Commonwealth Boxing Council


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